Administrative/Office Managing (1992–present)
I ran an office for a fire extinguisher service company, then I moved up to being the primary administrator for the 40-person engineering department of an environmental remediation company. I took a break to make a magazine, then went back to office management for a 30-person-staff nightclub in 1999, and then moved over to a medical devices company office in 2005. From 2013 to the present, I’ve been the part time office manager for a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner.

Editing & Writing (1997–2017)
I started by doing technical editing and engineer-to-English translations for an environmental cleanup agency in the late nineties then moved over to Big Pharma in the early aughts, formatting, proofing, and editing enormous (2000+ pages) documents for the FDA. When I ran my own magazine, I performed most of the writing and editing, as well as the layout of the magazine. When I reentered the online world in 2009, I was a copyeditor for the Mitsubishi team at Organic and the consistency/proofreader for Sephora online. Since 2013, I’ve edited and proofed two online books for clients, and formatted, edited, and proofed monthly newsletters for a current client.

Personal Assistant (2013–present)
I’m there to help when folks need a some extra hands, eyes, legs, organization, and energy. I’ve helped clients de-stash homes for moving, a scooter shop liquidate their inventory, and helped one woman with various weekly tasks that would overflow her personal to-do list. From installing shelf paper lining to trips into Ikea to cataloging a personal library, I’m the personal assistant you always wanted. I’ve even passed a 2017 background check by the Portland Police Bureau, so you know you can trust me with your home and business.

Quality Assurance (1999–present)
I started out with testing software by performing QA* in 1999 (Flash 5) and discovered that my innate talent for breaking things could be useful to others. I took a break from testing to pursue other interests and in 2007, I hopped back into the QA world by testing the site for the first release of the now-famous game Rock Band. After that, it was one site after another for various ad agencies (Mekanism, RGA, Organic, TEAK, Duncan Channon). I added testing mobile apps to my repertoire on iOS and Android devices in 2017.

Selling & Shipping (2011-present)
Between shipping the magazine, and helping clients rid themselves of excess clutter, I’ve become a wiz at selling things online and shipping them all over the globe. If it needs to be shipped somewhere, I can tell you the cheapest, fastest way to get it there.

*Also known as Quality Assurance. Usually followed by something like “Engineer,” which I never felt suited me. I’m just very talented at crashing websites and software. I rewrote that site a few years ago to be more inline with my personality. Hop over there if you’re curious about all the sites on which I’ve worked.