Liz Emmett-Mattox (E-book creation, 2014):

“I called Casey when I was in the home stretch of an ebook I’d been working on for a while. The words were mostly there, but the thought of formatting it as a PDF was slowing me down in a big way. I knew I wanted it to look nice and have all the linky things working, but really didn’t have a clue about how to do that, and more importantly, I didn’t want to spend the time it would take me to learn something new and then probably have beginner’s mistakes anyway. I just wanted it done! And Casey just did it. She edited, proofed, and formatted the whole document. She found pull quotes and had a great suggestion for how to format them; she made sure the table of contents was accurate and linked to the right sections. I was worried that if I did it myself, the unpolished presentation would detract from the content which I’d worked so hard on. Now I’m thrilled because I feel like the quality of the content is matched by the quality of the presentation.

Along the way Casey was a dream to work with. She gave me regular status updates and accommodated my last minute “Oh…we need to put this section here, and change that thing there…’ edits with patience and good humor. It may be a while before I tackle a project like this again, but when and if I do, I won’t hesitate to call Casey for help getting the last details nailed down.”

Amron Bevels-Wilson—GreenHealth PDX (Bookkeeping, 2014)

“Casey has been my keeper of books for about a year now. As a busy mom with a growing consultancy, when I met Casey I was an absolute MESS and embarrassed about what I DIDN’T know. Casey gently and thoroughly walked me through the process of untangling my ‘unknowns,’ and I emerged with a clean set of Quickbooks files for my tax man. Casey is careful, thorough, and efficient. I was thrilled to entrust her with my EVERYTHING. She handled my books methodically, leaving no stones unturned. Thanks, Casey! HAPPY CAMPERS all around!”

Larisa Koehn (QB setup & tutorial, 2013):

“Hiring Casey, I discovered how awesome it is to have someone looking over my shoulder and making certain I’m doing things correctly. And, how wonderful a bit of hand-holding can be when I’m learning something new or doing something that just really isn’t within my normal skill-set. I really appreciated how patient she was with me and how she gave me the space to figure things out on my own, offering guidance and suggestions that made it possible for me to learn (QuickBooks in this case) much quicker.

I would absolutely recommend hiring Casey! There are so many things that I’m not very good at (or, that simply take me much, much longer than necessary because I have to learn as I do which leads to all sorts of frustration). I recommend her services without reservation to all the people like me who tend to try to do it all and then get frustrated and burnt out. Give it up! Let Casey help! You most certainly won’t regret it.”

Denise della Santina, Project Manager (organizing, bookkeeping, & computer help, 2013)

“I’ve been putting off setting up my accounting systems and organizing the office for years, but Casey made it so easy to move forward, that living with a mess for one minute more just seemed silly. With Casey’s initial deep-dive help, and then the maintenance of her coming once a month, everything is in its place. Decade-old files have been sorted, cataloged and stored so new filing now has somewhere to live, my computer is backed up (regularly), unused equipment has been hauled away and sold, thousands of dollars of medical bills got scanned and reimbursed, QuickBooks is up to date, and next years taxes won’t be anything to dread.

Casey gets the job done, and on top of all that is funny, smart, interesting and reliable. Though it’s tempting to visit rather than work, I keep thinking up new projects that need her attention. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg! If you live in Portland, Oregon and have office projects you’ve been putting off, hiring Casey is the easiest, smartest decision you’ll ever make.”

Erik Rocha, Lead Software QA, Flash Player, Macromedia Inc. (colleague, 2012)

“Casey was a great part of this team. She brought true professionalism and attention to detail, and coupled it with a friendly, personable manner. She would regularly go above and beyond the normal scope of her duties in support of both the product and her fellow team members. I would be delighted to work with Casey in the future, as she makes working on tough projects with hard deadlines an enjoyable process.”

Kathleen Parker, Resource Manager, Organic, Inc (colleague, 2008)

“Casey is a very conscientious and dedicated professional. She is keen on getting the best results at all times, working hard to achieve them and does it all with a wonderful sense of humor. She would be a great asset to any team!”

Jay Bain, Senior Contributor, Engagement Management, Organic, Inc. (colleague, 2008)

“Casey is one of my favorite people to work with when it comes to content development! Her insight and attention to detail meant that a production-focused assignment expanded to include content organization, analysis and recommendations. During her tenure at Organic (which we extended for as long as possible) she made herself an indispensable part of our team. She has energy, personality, and a unique ability to master the subject matter at hand and become a ‘knowledge owner.’”

David DeAndreis, Group Manager Production, Organic (colleague, 2008)

“Casey was a great asset to the Mitsubishi team. She easily integrated into a very dynamic environment and added immediate value to the overall team. She became a great brand advocate, providing quality output on consistent basis. As a project manager, I look for team members that not only deliver within their specific discipline, but also contribute to the team dynamic. Casey has a great personality and works really well with the entire team. I enjoyed working with her and would do so again in a heart beat.”